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Here’s what you will find inside The Pillars of Leadership Blueprint for just $27 : 

9 Core Leadership Characteristics Defined, Each With:

  • A brutally honest look at where we are now and how we got here
  • How we must shift the parenting paradigm, with practical examples and real-life anecdotes from Cathy’s work
  • Data and insights from experts, thought leaders and the greatest role models of all time
  • Portraits of great leaders whose parents embraced the pillars of leadership
  • Actionable advice for fostering each leadership pillar with your children
  • Bonus: An in-depth look at Cathy’s core philosophy Radical Empathy, her framework for coaching highly successful seven-figure parents into raising truly extraordinary children

I knew you had incredible parenting instincts!

You are about to equip your family with a strong foundation to unlock, support and amplify your child’s brightest future. With the Pillars of Leadership as your foundation, you will finally be able to lean into your innate parenting excellence, while holding your children to high standards and fostering an environment that allows them to become epic, world-changing leaders. 
"Cathy has made such a difference to our lives! She has coached our teenage son and I have seen his thinking change from unmotivated, angry and lost; to motivated and happy, with a stronger sense of identity and high goals. We have seen psychologists in the past but Cathy has helped him change his way of thinking much faster than they ever did. I can’t rave enough about this extraordinary woman!"

- Jessica ~ Australia.

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